Leader Shimaguchi was appointed as a tourism ambassador of Aizu Wakamatsu City!

October 15, 2019The Aizuwakamatsu City Tourism Ambassador commissioning ceremony for Mui-Leader Tetsuro Shimaguchi has been successfully completed.

At the ceremony, Mayor Shohei Muroi presented a letter of commission, followed by a letter from Mr. Ikeda, Executive Director of the Aizu Wakamatsu Tourism Bureau.
They were presented with business cards as tourism ambassadors.
The back of this business card is actually a coupon for use of tourist facilities such as the Tsurugajo castle tower.
If you receive this business card from Leader Shimaguchi, please check it out!

The Shimaguchi leader is the 32nd ambassador.

After the ceremony, there was a reception with the mayor and further interviews by the local media (Fukushima Minpo and Fukushima Minyu).

In that interview, Shimaguchi leader
He is not from Aizu, but he is grateful for the opportunity to be appointed as an ambassador.
I would like to embody and convey the "righteousness" that Aizu cherishes in a visible form,
I hope that I, who received a chance to be a part of this project, can now make a new chance for Aizu.
We will continue to work with sincerity."
He expressed his determination.

This prestigious occasion followed the awarding ceremony of the Order of Culture and Arts in Florence.
Although we were only there for about an hour, it was a meaningful experience before the December shoot.
This was a visit to Aizu.