Thank you for "SAMURAI KIDS 2019 - Mirai"!

SAMURAI KIDS 2019 - Mirai"

The event has ended successfully!

Thank you very much for coming to our booth.


This was the first time for the children to perform only with the Kabuki students, and we felt their resilience as they worked hard in their daily practice.

The theme of "Mirai" is the path that the Kigyo Kendo will take, and the children will be able to experience the world of kamui and of swordsmanshipI felt as if I could see a little bit of the performance of the "K" in their performance.

Above all, we are happy if this day, this moment, resonated even a little in the children and in the guests who came to see the show.

I hope that this event will be a passing point for them and that they will work hard, have fun, and be strong in their daily training.


We would also like to thank our guest speaker, Dr. William Reed, who added to the event with a talk that even Japanese people could learn from.

We will continue to strive to make the "Original Samurai Method" enjoyable for everyone to see and experience.



Master of the art of swordsmanship
Hiromi Matsumura