Fall 2019 European Tour Report - Greece

JapanWeek 2019 Greece."

The first show was the opening performance at Syntagma Square.
Although it was only 10 minutes long, it was seen by many visitors.

After that, activities of "剱伎衆 Kamui" and "Kendou" were introduced and performances were held at the exhibition booth,
The second half of the year will be filled with school visits, stage performances, and more, as we enter the furious second half of the year.

First, on the first day of the second half of the event, two performances were given in between introductions of activities at the exhibition booth.
From this point on, Airi and Noua's stand-up routine was in effect! They both did their best!

The second day, in the morning, was a school visit.
All the students were full of energy and had really nice, sparkling smiles on their faces.
During the performance, I could feel in the air that the audience was very focused and serious,
The thunderous applause and cheering after the event was over was one of the memories I will never forget.
Thank you very much.

The photo is with the Hyogo Prefecture taiko team that visited the school with us.

Now, in the afternoon, another PR and performance at the exhibition booth.
Everyone was beginning to look tired, but thanks to the full house, we were able to end the event with another great success.

On the last day of the second half of the raging season, rehearsals for the evening stage performance began in the morning.
Then, PR and two performances at the exhibition booth.
About this time, I informed them that there would be a performance today at the booth,
Some of them saw the opening ceremony and some of them came because they heard rumors,
Even in a short period of a few days, such as those who saw it yesterday, it is firmly connected to the next one.
There were many things that made me realize that the circle is expanding. I am truly grateful for that.

In retrospect, all five of the productions at the exhibition booth were packed and standing room only every day.
The event was so well attended that it was a great success.

The last day of the Greek tour was the last trio of theater performances.
After "Shamisen" and "Zan Yuki", representative performances of "剱伎衆 Kamui", there will be a hands-on corner for customers.
At this time, the boy who came up to me was again cute and on top of being cute, I thought I was watching a contraption.
It was the most exciting exchange I've ever had the pleasure of thinking about.

And the last performance was "The Road".
Samurai artist 剱伎衆 Kamui x 剱伎道 member kids,
Everyone expressed "code of the samurai".
I am sure our thoughts were conveyed to the super-capacity crowd.

Greece, where I was able to see many very valuable views.
We are truly grateful to everyone involved and to our customers.
Thank you very much.

Now, the tour is coming to a climax!
Continue to Palermo....