May 12 Thank you for coming to "KAIKOKU - Kaikoku - San".

5/12 Gorgeous artists will gather in Yokohama!

Friday, May 12

The third performance "KAIKOKU-kaikoku" was held at Yokohama O-SITE.

The performers in this year's event were also a very splendid group of people.


At noon, we held an open workshop on swordsmanship in Yokohama.

We will be expanding in the Yokohama area as well!

Thank you very much for your participation.


And "KAIKOKU-KAIKOKU-SAN" starts at 19:00!

The collaboration with each artist was more finely staged than in previous performances.


After the show, we also celebrated the birthday of Shimaguchi leader on 5/13!

Thank you for coming!


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