Leader Shimaguchi Invited as Honorary Guest to Brunelleschi Memorial Ceremony in Florence

April 16, 2019

He was an Italian goldsmith, sculptor, and the first architect of the Renaissance,
Leonardo da Vinci's mentor, and considered a true genius.
A memorial service for Filippo Brunelleschi was held in Florence.

This year, Samurai artist Tetsuro Shimaguchi was invited as an honorary guest.


A parade through the city center, through Palazzo Vecchio and up to the Cathedral Duomo with a band of musicians,

The front doors of the Duomo opened at this time, not only for tourists but also for Italians.
It is said that this is such a precious moment that the front doors of the Duomo are usually never seen open☆.

After delivering his speech following Archbishop,







We prayed at Brunelleschi's cemetery, which is only opened on this day of the year for the ceremony.

Below is a comment from Shimaguchi leader after the ceremony.

The ceremony in Florence ended successfully yesterday.
I am deeply grateful to be able to walk as a Japanese artist in this beautiful city, which is now in its 10th year, under the watchful eyes of so many people.
I was impressed.
Thanks to Dr. Rich, a modern-day maestro who called on us, and to all of you.
Thank you so much.

Philippe Brunelleschi.
One artist 600 years ago achieved a feat that no one had ever accomplished before, and is still admired by people all over the world,
It means that we are bequeathing it to future generations.
It is true art.

It is our mission to know the real history and art and to connect them to the future.
As a Japanese, I felt that I would like to slowly make a mental note of what I can do.
I will cherish this encounter and continue to live well.


The prestigious occasion followed last fall's award of the Order of Consonanze Culture and Arts.