Roppingi Art Night 2016. SAMURAI IN ROPPONGI!!!~ ProgramNo.22

Kamui will perform with a talented violinist, Toshihiro Naknishi at Roppongi Art night.

  • 21st(Friday)
    • 19:30 @Roppongi Hills Metro Hat
    • 21:00 @Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza
  • 22nd(Saturday)
    • 16:00 @Tokyo Mid-Town, near Starbucks
    • 18:00 @Tri-Seven in front of Blue Bottle Coffee
    • 21:30 @Roppongi Hills Metro Hat
  • 23rd(Sunday)
    • 2:00am (Midnight) @Roppongi Hills
  • Charge : free
  • Performance will be about 20mins each.
  • Perormance will be held outside and there will be no seats or chairs.

Toshihiro Nakanishi Official HP

​Kamui Official HP

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