K2 Company Inc.

K2 Company Inc.

Company Name

K2 Company Inc.


November 25th, 2015

Description of Major Businesses

1. Operation of various Dojos (training classes), and planning and operating workshops.
2. Operation of various Dojos and workshops described above under no.1 in and outside of Japan through a franchise chain system.
3. Planning and operating various performances.
4. General management of artists
5. Create a structure for performances and direct them for performers including singers and musicians. Finding, training, and managing talented songwriters and composers, also acts as an agency to seek performance opportunities for them.


Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

International Patents Obtained

KAMUI (Registration No.016378473)
KENGIDO (Registration No.016378622)
SAMURAI ARTIST KAMUI (Registration No.016378648)

For inquiries on Japanese traditional entertainment such as Noh dramas, Japanese drums, Shamisens, Bamboo Flutes, Satsuma Lutes (Satsuma Biwa), and for questions on any appearance offer, please contact us at this mail address.
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