Samurai Dojo

Samurai Dojo

For Travelers from outside of Japan

Be a Samurai!

Learn Japanese communication through SAMURAI Action!
Fun and memorable experience for all ages!

What would it be like being a Samurai? Let’s learn Samurai moves together!
-The leader and founder of KENGIDO (pronounced KEN-gee-do), Tetsuro Shimaguchi will teach you the techniques and mental awareness to communicate in the world of Samurai.

You will move like a movie star after the practice.
No requirements needed for entry. All are welcome!


SAMURAI Action Experience 90min. special program.

*Participation fees per person basically 90 minutes for groups of two people or more (negotiate If you are one person)

  • Plan A: Basic Plan (including a photo shoot)
    Instractor: Master,TetsuroShimaguchi JPY32,400.00 (Tax included)
  • Plan B: Basic Plan Samurai dressing
    Instractor: Master,TetsuroShimaguchi JPY43,200.00 (Tax included)
  • Plan S: B Plan one-on-one session with Tetsuro Shimaguchi (Price is subject to negotiation)

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