「DIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN × 大義~code of the SAMURAI」 ついに解禁!

“DAIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN×大義~code of the SAMURAI” is released finally.
KAMUI the only one Samurai artist send the video in this Olympic year.
This video is the 4th work of the video series to promote DIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN which appeal Fukushima and Tochigi and Ibaragi as tourism destination that you can experience of real Japan.
Code of the samurai is the theme of this video.
And also it is “大義” of KAMUI and KENGIDO.
Samurai is respected from the World .
And we send “SAMURAI” as icon of Japanese culture and spirit beyond nationarity, age, sex,religion, lanugage,and,everything.
And then we give the shape to imvisible sprits.
Please watch Samurai spirit which have been inheriting from the past to the present and will continiuing to the future!

日本で唯一のサムライアーティストかむゐがオリンピックイヤーに世界に向けて放つ「DIAMOND ROUTE JAPAN × 大義~code of the SAMURAI」ついに解禁!


今回のテーマ「Code of the SAMURAI」とは、まさにかむゐ&剱伎道の「大義」です。