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13 Sep 2017


 「LIVE JAPAN PERFECT GUIDE TOKYO」 Article ! September,13th 2017 Tetsuro Shimaguchi: Kill Bill Choreographer and Founder of Kamui https://livejapan.com/en/article-a0001516/ 剱伎衆かむゐ公式HP http://www.samurai-kamui.com  

13 Sep 2017


New Project IKAZUCHI -LIGHTNING OF JAPANESE TRANCE CUBE KAMUI YOSHIYUKI   New project has been started!!   https://vimeo.com/233443624 剱伎衆かむゐ公式HP http://www.samurai-kamui.com  

03 Aug 2017


CASIO G-SHOCK JAPAN PR VIDEO!   Master Tetsuro Shimaguchi appear on CASIO G-SHOCK JAPAN PR video! Get your Vote! If It could stay Top until the end of Oct, it might become a Movie! http://world.g-shock.com/35th/en/movie/ 【CASIO G-SHOCK JAPAN】 剱伎衆かむゐ公式HP http://www.samurai-kamui.com  

27 Jan 2017


2017/1/25~27 福島会津にてとある撮影を行ってきました。     寒い中の撮影でしたが、素晴らしい情景でした。     翌日早朝は朝日をバックに東京スカイツリーでの撮影です!   またすぐに情報解禁致します!   かむゐ公式HP https://samurai-kamui.com/  

27 Jan 2017

齋藤清貴氏×島口哲朗 コラボレーション撮影!

カメラマンの齋藤清貴氏とかむゐリーダー島口のコラボレーション撮影が行われました!   刀は島口オリジナルモデルの日本刀。 また、撮影には戦国フォトスタジオSAMURAIさんの甲冑が使用されております!   ◆戦国フォトスタジオSAMURAI http://samurai-pictures.jp         http://www.samurai-kamui.com

25 Jan 2017


剱伎衆かむゐ×小林未郁 ヨーロッパツアー凱旋公演 『ウタカタナセカイ 再演決定!!』 ■日時:2017年4月28日(金) ■場所:中央区立日本橋公会堂 http://www.nihonbasikokaido.com/ ■時間:開場18時/開演19時 ■出演:剱伎衆かむゐ、小林未郁 他 ■チケット:e+(イープラス)にて2/17(金)10時~発売!! ・花道サイド指定席(グッズ付):6,000円(税込) ・前売指定席:4,800円(税込) ・当日指定席:5,000円(税込)               www.samurai-kamui.com

11 Oct 2016

Kamui and Mika Kobayashi’s performance after a successful tour abroad

Kamui and Mika made a big success on Europe tour in 2016 and just came back. We would like people in Japan to see what we did abroad. Please come and meet us on 21st November at Densho Hall in shibuya Date: 21st November (Monday) Open at 19pm, start from 20pm. Venue: Densho Hall ​http://www.shibu-cul.jp/access.html Charge: ​4,800円 How to book: You can book from the form or email. http://urx.mobi/yiN0 ​​kamui@k2c.jp ​Kamui Official HP https://samurai-kamui.com/ Mika Kobayashi Official HP http://miccabose.com

11 Oct 2016

Roppingi Art Night 2016. SAMURAI IN ROPPONGI!!!~ ProgramNo.22

Kamui will perform with a talented violinist, Toshihiro Naknishi at Roppongi Art night. 21st(Friday) 19:30 @Roppongi Hills Metro Hat 21:00 @Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza 22nd(Saturday) 16:00 @Tokyo Mid-Town, near Starbucks 18:00 @Tri-Seven in front of Blue Bottle Coffee 21:30 @Roppongi Hills Metro Hat 23rd(Sunday) 2:00am (Midnight) @Roppongi Hills Charge : free Performance will be about 20mins each. Perormance will be held outside and there will be no seats or chairs. Toshihiro Nakanishi Official HP http://couleur.bz/profile.html ​Kamui Official HP https://samurai-kamui.com/

10 Sep 2016

We will perform in an event called “Photokina” by SONY in Koln, Germany.

We will perform in an event called “Photokina” by SONY in Koln, Germany. You can see Kamui in Samurai armor suits. Here’s the details of this event. http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/photokina-trade-show “The curtain rises – the world’s leading trade fair for photo and video this year presents itself in new colours, with a new look and feel and a fireworks display of new ideas. Here one can submerge into the fascinating possibilities of images and experience a photokina that equally inspires pros, traders, hobby photographers and young “smartphoners” like never before with countless events and promotions.” -by KoelnMesse Website We will be visiting London for shooting for film, performing in Florence, Rome etc, […]

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